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Turn your love and passion for baking into a business that earns you a stable income from home.

Hey home baker!

Dreaming of selling your baking from home? Thousands of brownies ago I was exactly where you are right now.

It took many years of trial & and error, but eventually, I figured out the recipe for turning my home baking into a profitable business that's fully booked for 3 months in advance!

You can totally do it too and I can't wait to show you how - because creating a Home Bakery is one of the best decisions I ever made. You're going to LOVE it!



“Since I’ve started Aurelia’s courses, I feel more confident in myself and I haven’t had one week go by without an order! In the past 10 months, I’ve made at least $15k profit! It’s the best investment in myself and my business I’ve made. THANK YOU!"


Are you ready to finally create the Home Bakery you've been dreaming of?

Awesome, let's do this!


A proven process to turn your delicious home baking into a breadwinning business

🍪 Overcome self-doubt, comparison, uncertainty,  fear, overwhelm, a lack of confidence, etc. so you can trust yourself and just GO FOR IT!

🍪 Discover how to separate your business from your competitors so it stands out!


🍪 Stop "hoping & praying" for orders and learn how to create consistent orders by using proven marketing strategies that attract customers to your business.

🍪 How to create a sales funnel for your business so "once-off customers" become repeat customers.

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Gentle Confections, USA

"I felt overcome with fear..."

“I had no idea where to start with my cookie decorating business and felt overcome with fear and anxiety...


But Home Bakery Pro has EMPOWERED me to take hold of my business. I no longer question if I'm good enough.


Home Bakery Pro has helped me to build confidence in my knowledge and abilities and I’ve made so much more money from my baking than I imagined was possible!"

Easy-as-pie Home Bakery pricing and bookkeeping systems to help you earn more income and run your business like a pro 💁‍♀️

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💰 All the pricing templates you'll ever need for invoices, quotes, and emails to save you time and help you look and feel professional.

💰 Pricing Psychology lessons to cure you from feeling guilty for charging proper prices.

💰 Learn how to get customers to always pay you on time, without ever needing to be rude.

💰 3 Professional, easy-to-use, done-for-you Bookkeeping Templates that do all the complicated math FOR you!

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No more Crumbs, Australia

"I dreaded the pricing."

"I always worried if my bakes were too expensive and people won’t buy them. Or if they’re too cheap and I’m undercharging! Every time I had to launch a new product, I dreaded the pricing.

But CPPK gives me the figures in less than 10 minutes. It’s given me confidence in my products and myself! I've got a lot going on as I'm starting my business, and this course helps make pricing so easy for me."

The easy way to take drool-worthy photos of your bakes (without a fancy camera) so they look more valuable and sell for higher prices

irresistible photography mockup.png

🍩 All the photography dos and don’ts that make baked goods look attractive and delicious - or not.

🍩 The 3 camera angles that work EVERY time to get those “magic” shots as quickly as possible.

🍩 How to photograph and edit photos on your phone so they look great and attract customers.

🍩 Advanced photo editing with Lightroom. Get my 3 favourite photo filters for free!


Eumicakes, Singapore

"Aurelia's the reason I've improved so much."

"You have been a big help to me as a baker and a person.

Really, my baking improvement and the way I approach things right now are mostly influenced by Aurelia.

Thank you so much for being so generous in everything. You’re the reason @eumicakes has improved so much. Thank you so much Aurelia!!! ♥

The easiest way to scale ANY recipe (yes, ANY recipe) faster than you can say Indiana Scones!

RCS mockup.png

✅  A Google Sheet does all the confusing math for you. After you've set it up on a computer/laptop, you can also use it on your phone. It works for...

✅ Recipes with individual units e.g. cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, cookies, etc.

✅ Recipes in round tins e.g. cakes, tarts, pies, etc.

✅ Recipes with angular tins e.g. loaf cakes, brownies, sheet cakes, etc.

🍔 Even scale your usual "non-baking"  breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes!

Ingrid Arendse.png


Flavourful Delights,

South Africa

"I was stressed out and felt like canceling the order..."

"It was so hard finding a recipe for a different-sized tin that’s as good as the current recipe I'm using. I was stressed out and felt like canceling the order.


But with the Recipe Scaling Calculator, I can bake the recipes I trust, in ANY size, without the stress of hoping it will turn out a success."

Now I can satisfy my customers' needs with my delicious baked goodies - in any size or quantity they need."



What's stopping you from creating a business you LOVE?

😣 Fear?
😣 No time?
😣 A lack of confidence?
😣 Not knowing how to attract enough customers?
😣 No money for advertising?

Whatever is holding you back, I truly understand because I've been there. I'd love to encourage you and help you overcome it so you can make an income from doing what you love most - baking! 

This is your moment.

Free Home Bakery

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🍩 Avoid the 3 biggest mistakes that make Home Bakeries struggle to get enough customers and fail.

🧁 Spend your time on things that will actually get you consistent orders and a stable income.

🍪 Follow methods that work to attract YOUR ideal, paying customers.


More free Resources

How about a free Pricing Calculator, Business Plan Template, and more? Yes, for free.

Join over 20,000 other home bakers and get access to my free library of workbooks, resources, and guides to help you create the Home Bakery Business of your dreams 😊

ALL CONTENT © Philosophy of Yum

Hey there!

I'm your coach, Aurelia Lambrechts.

about hbp.png

Since 2013 I’ve been baking for a living and my Home Bakery in Cape Town, South Africa, is SOLD OUT every week.

Things weren’t always this rosy though…

I started my own Home Bakery in my student housing kitchen back in 2012 with ZERO capital and study debts of $40k!! On top of that,


I had ZERO training/qualifications in baking, business, marketing, or sales 😳

I started by baking at night after my super stressful 8 am – 5 pm desk job. Baking was like therapy for me. And seeing people’s smiles when they ate my bakes, just MADE my day!

In 2013 I realized I wanted to be a FULL-TIME Home Baker, but I had no money or time to study further.

Maybe you’re in a similar spot now to what I was back then?

It took years of trial & error, but I've figured out exactly how to create a Home Bakery with consistent orders. 


And eventually, my business attracted so many customers that I became fully booked for 3 months in advance! 🤯


I know exactly what it's like to start from zero with no help, so I'd LOOOVE to teach you all my proven methods so that

you can also get a stable income from doing what you love - with less stress and no burnout!

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