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How to Create a Home Bakery with Consistent Orders - Without Wasting Your Time & Money on Marketing that Doesn’t Work.

Hey home baker! 🙋‍♀️


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🍩 Avoid the 3 biggest mistakes that make Home Bakeries struggle or fail.


🧁 Spend your time on things that will actually get you more regular orders and a more stable income.


🍪 Follow methods that work to attract more of YOUR ideal, paying customers.

Once you've watched the Masterclass, I'm so excited to hear from you about how your business is attracting more customers! 🥳

Hey there!

I'm your coach, Aurelia Lambrechts.


Since 2013 I’ve been baking for a living and my Home Bakery in Cape Town, South Africa, is SOLD OUT every week.

Things weren’t always this rosy though…

I started my own Home Bakery in my student housing kitchen back in 2012 with ZERO capital and study debts of $40k!! On top of that,


I had ZERO training in baking, business, marketing, or sales 😳

I started by baking at night after my super stressful 8 am – 5 pm desk job. Baking was like therapy for me. And seeing people’s smiles when they ate my bakes, just MADE my day!

In 2013 I realized I want to be a FULL-TIME Home Baker, but I had no money or time to study further.

Maybe you’re in a similar spot now to what I was back then?

It took years of trial & error, but I've figured out exactly how to create a Home Bakery with consistent orders. 


And eventually, my business attracted so many customers that I became fully booked for 3 months in advance! 🤯


I'd LOOOVE to show you all the Home Bakery tips and tricks I WISH I had known earlier. You know, the things that truly work to attract customers and the things that don't.

You can also get a stable income from doing what you love - with less stress and no burnout!

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