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Easy-as-pie Home Bakery pricing and bookkeeping systems to help you earn more income and run your business like a pro 💁‍♀️

Hey home baker! Do pricing and tracking your finances make you feel anxious?

🍩 Worried if you’re charging too much or too little for your home baking?

🍪 Frustrated with customers who complain about your prices and ask for discounts?

🧁 Feel too guilty to charge full price and then give discounts or undercharge?

🥧 Feel burnt out because you need to bake all the time for your biz to survive?

🍰  Avoiding the overwhelming pile of bookkeeping in your Home Bakery?

🍭 Exhausted by even just the thought of creating spreadsheets and doing math?

🥐 Stressed that you'll make a mistake and get in trouble with the tax man?

🥧 Reluctant to admit that you’re jealous of bakers who seem to "have it all together" with their pricing and bookkeeping?

If any of these statements had you thinking “how the heck did she get inside my head?!” then keep reading: you’re in the right place!

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I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND HOW YOU FEELbecause I’ve been there. You're so not alone.

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Hey!  I'm Aurelia 😊

Thousands of brownies ago I was exactly where you are right now.

But by using specific systems for my pricing and bookkeeping, I've been able to DOUBLE my profit and manage my finances in just 15 minutes per week 😮 Not kidding.

And all this without working more - in fact, it's enabled me to work less! It's all about working smarter, not harder. Here's what I mean...

What I learned is you don’t have to
❌ be a math genius,
❌ be a tech nerd,
❌ be an "organized person" or
❌ spend hours and hours slogging away on your com
to try and figure out your finances.

Struggling with pricing and bookkeeping is 100% NORMAL and there’s nothing wrong with you!

But on the other hand, I'm sure you've noticed that money is quite a make-or-break thing in business, right? If you haven't been pricing or doing your bookkeeping the right way, you'll need to...

😑 Constantly take on more orders to get more income
😑 Bake after hours and weekends to make ends meet
😵‍💫 Burn out completely in the process... 

What if I told you that while these strategies are common in the baking world… they don't have to be your reality?!

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Maybe you're sacrificing time with family & friends to bake last-minute-orders, on weekends, for demanding clients because your business desperately needs the money.

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Or maybe you have a visceral reaction to the math & tech that come with calculating your profits? So now you're charging what looks & feels right, telling yourself you'll do it right "later on"...

losing money emoji.png

You might have had to resort to dropping your prices or giving discounts to get orders. But you know you won't make enough income if you carry on this way...

It sucks. I know.

But I care enough to be straight with you...


The hard TRUTH is
if you don’t price correctly, your business WILL die or you WILL burn out…

Pricing is EVERYTHING in business because that's where your income comes from.

You can earn more income by using the Confident Profit System instead...


Pricing Psychology

If you don't understand WHY you feel guilty and then undercharge & discount, you'll keep doing it for the rest of your life. Pricing with confidence starts with understanding your emotions regarding pricing.


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Value Your Time and Work

Whether you're just starting your Home Bakery or have been at it for a while, you must charge accurately for your time and work. This way, baking won't take over your entire life and gobble up all your free time.


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Pro Pricing & Bookkeeping Sheets

If you want a thriving, profitable business, you must know your numbers ASAP. But that doesn't mean you need to create all those sheets yourself. You can take the simple route and use done-for-you templates!


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Pricing the "Curveballs"

You must know how to price for those unique cases: for family, friends, deliveries, wholesale clients, etc. And what to do when they complain about your prices. You need a plan of action for those "curveballs".

The Confident Profit System is exactly what you'll learn in The Confident Pricing & Profit Kit.

The Confident Pricing & Profit Kit (CPPK) helps you to price right so you earn more income without

 baking after-hours
❌ taking on last-minute orders
❌ or spending hours on co
nfusing math


Think of CPPK as a standing mixer that does all the hard work FOR you 💁‍♀️


Life could be so different for you


🤩 Finally knowing exactly what to charge instead of always worrying about whether your prices are too high or too low.

💁‍♀️ Feeling competent and in control of your business finances instead of anxious and overwhelmed.

 Having a financial system that’s simple and helps you to get your finances done in 15 minutes a week!

💰 Knowing exactly how much profit you're making instead of hoping you are.

💞 Earning enough money to be able to take time off for family and yourself without feeling like you "should be working".

It sounds amazing, right?

And the best part is, it's 100% possible for YOU too.


Yasmin Forbes.png

Cake and Flours, Australia

"I was scared I would make mistakes!"

"I didn’t know where to start with pricing properly and how to keep my accounts orderly. It made me anxious because I was so scared I would make mistakes!

When Aurelia discussed the emotional factors and psychology of pricing, I knew that the rest was a bonus!

I was a tad hesitant to charge as much as you suggested, but I did it, a made a clean profit of $110 this week! No one batted an eyelid at the pricing on anything! Thank you so very much. The course is truly brilliant!"

Nicole Emmanuel.png


Baked with Love, St. Lucia

"I didn't feel confident in my pricing."

"I didn’t feel confident in my pricing and I was unsure of calculating my overhead and my profit. I would pull figures from the sky, lol!


The calculator, tax worksheet, and record-keeping sheets along with the detailed step-by-step videos are amazing. It's like you are right there with me.


When I plugged in my numbers, everything was calculated for me which took the guesswork out of it. Now, I am CONFIDENT when I give my prices to customers."

Shay Pinilla.png


Purely Sweets Bakery, USA

 "I was just about to give up."

"Before CPPK I lacked confidence… I had lots of fear of the unknown and uncertainty. I felt like I was getting nowhere… I was trying to figure out prices on my own, and was just about to give up!

The lessons about the emotional side of pricing – WOW! That moment changed everything for me!

I am now confident in what I charge and confident in myself. I am way more organized and ready to start my business! Thank you so much for creating this course!"

Are you ready to finally feel confident in your pricing and bookkeeping?

Awesome, let's do this! 🥳


The Confident Pricing & Profit Kit course 🎉

Easy-as-pie Home Bakery pricing and bookkeeping systems to help you earn more income and run your business like a pro 💁‍♀️

Here's what we're going to do together inside CPPK

In CPPK you get the entire Confident Pricing System

smile laptop-2.jpg


Pricing Psychology

🧁Finally understand WHY charging clients makes you feel awkward and guilty.

🧁Learn how to think differently about yourself and your business so you'll charge the prices you must charge to make a profit.

🧁Get my practical methods to feel CONFIDENT in pricing your bakes so you’ll never feel bad about charging full price again!

🧁Discover the antidote to undercharging so you’ll be FREE and at peace to charge the right prices for your baking 😊


Value Your Time & Work

🍪 Discover how valuable your hard work is so you'll see where you've been cheating yourself and make changes ASAP!

🍪 Learn how to calculate a fair wage per hour so you get paid well for your effort but also don't overcharge customers.

🍪 See how to calculate your total time spent on an order – including in unique situations e.g. if you’re new to baking, if you bake slowly, or if you have constant distractions while you’re baking #parentlife!



Done-For-You Pricing & Bookkeeping Sheets

🍩Get my step-by-step system for EASILY calculating your costs and selling prices. The system does all the hard math FOR you!

🍩Templates for Invoices & Quotes.

🍩Sales & Profit Sheet to help you quickly and easily calculate your profit each week so you know exactly what your profit is.

🍩A Recipe Scaling Calculator that scales ANY recipe quickly and easily.

🍩Home Bakery Tax lessons about what Revenue Services expect of you.

(Note that I’m still going to advise you to make 1 appointment with a local accountant because I can’t study the tax laws of every country. But I’m going to give you strategies for doing your taxes so you don’t NEED to employ an accountant.)

🍩Home Bakery Tax Sheets to help you easily track all your income and expenses so you feel confident and prepared for tax season.


Pricing the "Curve Balls"

🍰Learn how to price deliveries for different types of clients so it's worthwhile for you. Also includes delivery pricing if you live outside of town.

🍰How to price your bakes for friends and family so things don't get stressful and awkward every time.

🍰Get scripts to help you navigate frustrating situations where loved ones expect to bake for them for free or give them large discounts.

🍰Get the step-by-step method for raising your prices without losing all your clients.


bonuses to help make Pricing & Bookkeeping even easier for you!


Fail-Safe Payment System

How do you get customers to pay you on time without being a jerk about it? I get it. That's why you're getting this bonus that takes the stress out of payments.

Fail safe graphic.png

💰Discover my secret step-by-step system for getting clients to ALWAYS pay on time!

💰Get my client communication scripts so you’ll always know what to say and how to be firm and professional, but also kind :)

💰With the Fail-Safe payment system, clients will never cancel their orders, giving you peace of mind and room to plan your life.


Boundary Setting Masterclass

Baking can take over your entire life. If you often feel burnt out and need to say "no" to family time because you have to work 24/7, this bonus is perfect for you.

boundaries graphics.png

⚖️ Learn how to organize your life and business so you have BALANCE between your family life and baking.

⚖️ Get step-by-step methods for setting boundaries for your clients so they never take advantage of you.

⚖️ Discover how to say "no" to clients without being rude or losing their business.

⚖️ Learn how to set boundaries for yourself so you protect your physical and mental health and don’t burn out!


Lifetime Support

Worried that you'll get stuck or make mistakes without even knowing it? I've got you covered with this bonus.

❤️ OFF Facebook, so your data and privacy are 100% protected!

❤️ Get feedback and support directly from me and the other coaches so you can know you’re doing things the right way.

❤️ Weekly tips and encouragement to keep you focused and motivated.

Payment options

Let's do this! 🙌

Join The Confident Pricing & Profit Kit Today


Search on Google to get the price in your currency :)




You get lifetime access and can go through the course whenever you want.


Here are your Payment Plan Options:

30 guarantee large.png

You get 30 DAYS to test drive The Confident Pricing & Profit Kit. If you don't love it, you'll get a FULL refund.

The Confident Pricing & Profit Kit comes with a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. I hope that your business and life are forever transformed with the skills you'll develop through this course. I also expect you to give it your very best effort. That’s why, to be eligible for our 30-day Money Back Guarantee, you must submit proof that you did the coursework.

If you do the full coursework and don’t feel I’ve delivered on my promise, submit your work within 30 days of purchase and I’ll promptly refund your course fee. To be clear, if you don't include your completed coursework requirements within 30 days, no refund will be issued.

By purchasing The Confident Pricing & Profit Kit, you agree to my Refund Policy.



Art of Baking, Guatemala

"I was so tired from working all the time."

"I was always undercharging. I felt too guilty to charge the right prices and was giving lots of discounts. I was so tired from working all the time.​ In CPPK I learned about all the important things I wasn't charging for. It was eye-opening! It’s helped me to be more organized. Thank you!"

CPPK is a perfect fit for you if...

🧁 You want to focus on the fun part of your business - the baking - and not the complicated math part.

🍪 You want systems to easily calculate exactly how much profit you're making instead of winging it and hoping you're making a profit.

🍩 You're tired of feeling awkward, guilty, and stressed out about how much to charge customers.

🍰 You're ready to ditch baking 24/7 to make ends meet, and eager to make changes so you can have time for yourself and your family.


works incredibly well and is much, much faster than figuring out everything on your own.

Hey there!

I'm your coach,
Aurelia Lambrechts.

about hbp.png

Since 2015 my Home Bakery in Cape Town, South Africa, has made me a full-time salary. Home Baking enabled me to leave my desk job and I’m SO grateful!

Things weren’t always this rosy though…

During the first 3 years of my Home Bakery I was working alllll the time… weekends, holidays... Sometimes I had 16-hour baking days.


I was suffering and my marriage was suffering. But I kept working this hard because I believed I “had no choice”… I was BURNING OUT!

Maybe you’re in a similar spot now to what I was back then?

I learned the hard way that I had to address the reasons WHY I felt so guilty about charging full price. Once I did that, I could finally charge what my baking is TRULY worth – with confidence.

Pricing properly has completely transformed my business.


✅ Earn MORE profit with LESS work.

✅ Have a LIFE and not bake 24/7.

✅ Bake a realistic amount and rest – instead of pushing my body to bake 12+ hours a day.

I'm a total math nerd, so over several years, I developed pricing and bookkeeping sheets that are EASY to use and do all the hard math FOR me – at the click of a button!

❌ No more stress,
❌ no more burnout,
❌ no more "last-minute orders",
❌ no more constantly feeling behind.


I'd LOOOVE to teach you all my proven methods so that

you can also manage your Home Bakery’s pricing & bookkeeping with confidence.

It's 100% possible for YOU.




Taste Sensation Bakes, UK

"I just didn't know where or how to start."

I wasn't sure how to price correctly or where to start with bookkeeping. I just didn’t know where or how to start.


Having the tools from CPPK has definitely made it less scary. The resources are really useful!


Before CPPK I wasn’t aware how mindset and self-belief can affect your pricing and business. Now I understand how the two go hand in hand."

lizzie - Copy.png


No more Crumbs, Australia

"I dreaded the pricing."

"I always worried if my bakes were too expensive and people won’t buy them. Or if they’re too cheap and I’m undercharging! Every time I had to launch a new product, I dreaded the pricing.

But CPPK gives me the figures in less than 10 minutes. It’s given me confidence in my products and myself! I've got a lot going on as I'm starting my business, and this course helps make pricing so easy for me."



Glow Life Foodie, USA

"Tracking finances seemed overwhelming!"

“I wasn’t sure where to start with tracking finances… It seemed overwhelming! Excel, ugh!

CPPK is so thorough and easy to navigate. Especially when it comes to bookkeeping and taxes. The bookkeeping system and spreadsheets laid out in this course are worth EVERY PENNY alone!!!!

Aurelia really thought of all the details! The topics in this course are crucial for a baking business to be successful."

  • I haven't started my business yet. Will this course show me how to START my home bakery?
    YES, absolutely. You'll learn how to do things the right way from the very start and save yourself years of frustration and money! It's perfect for beginners too. As long as you want to create a Home Bakery with consistent orders, Home Bakery PRO will work for you.
  • Will HBP work for me if I already have a Home Bakery?
    YES, absolutely. You'll learn how to create systems in your business that get you consistent orders and a stable income you can rely on. As long as you want to create a Home Bakery with consistent orders, Home Bakery PRO will work for you.
  • How does the course work exactly?
    Home Bakery PRO is made up of video lessons that are very easy to follow. All the lessons are visual and practical. When you join you get lifetime access, so you can go through the content whenever it suits YOU. You don't need to watch anything live. It's completely self-paced. You can ask for direct feedback anytime you want in our exclusive (off-Facebook) Community Group :)
  • What if there are strict Home Food Business laws in my country and state?
    That's not a problem because in Home Bakery Pro you'll learn every effective way to reach and sell to customers. Direct clients Online marketing & sales Wholesale clients (restaurants) Hospitality industry clients Food markets Email marketing Creating a sales funnel Social media marketing Hosting classes So, even if your local Cottage Food Laws don't allow you to e.g. sell wholesale, HBP will still show you HEAPS of other ways to get orders! 🥳
  • How much time do I need to spend on the course every week?
    Home Bakery PRO is a self-paced course, so you can put as much or as little time into the course as your schedule allows. But you'll need to spend at least 1 hr per week watching the lessons, and another 1-2 hrs putting them into action. But here’s the thing… As you’ll find, Home Bakery PRO is designed to get you consistent orders as quickly as possible. Meaning, as you implement the lessons and start getting new clients… You’ll WANT to keep going. You’ll WANT to speed through Home Bakery PRO as quickly as you can. You’ll WANT to make it the first thing you jump into every day. Because as you’ll soon see, creating a stable income isn't a chore when you know exactly what you need to do to get amazing results without any wasted effort.
  • I'm not tech-savvy... Will I be able to do all the tasks in HBP?
    There are step-by-step video tutorials for everything, so if you’re not tech-savvy, you’ll be just fine :) The videos show you exactly how to do everything. In 5 years, no one has ever done the course and said they couldn't do it or that it was too complicated. There's a lot of support in this course so if you get stuck on technical things, a coach will help you sort it out 😊👍
  • What if I'm totally new to baking?
    You need to know that this is not a baking course. Home Bakery PRO is a BUSINESS course for Home Bakers that teaches them how to get consistent orders. If you don't bake much and don't LOVE it, then this course is probably not a good fit for you. In the course, you'll learn how to make your bakes look more professional, but I'm not going to show you how to bake from scratch. When you join the course I'll assume that you're already at least semi-obsessed with Home Baking.
  • Does this course work for cake decorators?
    For this to work, your baking must taste good. If you bake delicious cakes that happen to be decorated, then this course will work for you. But if flavour isn't that important to you (as in you don't mind if the cake on the inside is 3 days old by the time the customer gets it), then this course isn't a good fit for you. If you need help with starting a cake decorating biz, check out Kara Andretta and Kristina Norman. Both of these ladies have incredible resources and courses.
  • Will HBP work for me if I don't bake cakes?
    YES! Absolutely 🙂 In Home Bakery PRO you'll find all kinds of home bakers that are growing thriving businesses! In the course, there are bakers who make: pies, bread, keto/banting baked goods, brownies, cookies, decorated sugar cookies, high tea pastries, bars & squares, cinnamon rolls, scones, cupcakes, and more! As long as you're into DELICIOUS home baking, this course will work for you! You don't have to bake cakes to be successful.
  • Do you offer a guarantee?
    You bet! If you spend 30 days going through the course and taking action, but still don’t see results, I will gladly give you a refund. No risks here! By purchasing the course you agree to my Refund Policy.
  • I don't have time right now to do the course. Can I get it now and go through it later?
    Absolutely! When you join you get lifetime access, so you can go through the content whenever it suits YOU.
  • What do I need to implement the course?
    You'll need a computer/laptop, internet, and a cell phone. If you plan to trade at Food Markets and go after Wholesale Client deals in the future (baking for restaurants), you'll need a car to do deliveries with. But you don't need a car if you only plan on working with direct clients.
  • Does this work for home bakers in ANY country?
    YES! I've got students from the USA, South Africa, Guatemala, Costa Rica, the UK, Australia, Kenya, Argentina, and more! The strategies in HBP work in all countries because proper marketing is based on the human brain - which is the same in every country. Proper marketing works in any country.
  • What's the price of HBP in other currencies?
    Home Bakery PRO is sold in US dollars because around 80% of my audience happens to live in the USA 🙂 I live in South Africa, but there are students from right around the world in the course. They've gotten amazing results regardless of what country they live in because effective marketing is universal. If you'd like to know how much the course is in YOUR currency, search on Google "US Dollar to your currency" (e.g. US Dollar to Euro) to get an estimated amount. You might be charged slightly more or slightly less because currencies fluctuate constantly. >> THERE'S NO NEED TO CHANGE YOUR MONEY INTO DOLLARS. Just add your card details and Teachable will automatically convert your money into dollars. Teachable might also charge you some taxes depending on the laws of your country - this is mostly not the case, but if it does happen they'll tell you in advance before you make the payment. These tax charges are not my personal decision and unfortunately totally beyond my control. I don't get a dime of that tax. Extra taxes are unfortunate, BUT keep in mind that you're getting well over $5000 worth of training for $447. Is this still a great deal for $80 more (as an example)? I think you'll agree that YES, it is.


I have a question

Where do you see yourself one year from now?

Or 6 months from now?…

Or even 1 month from now?…

Let my system handle the confusing math for you so you can make more profit with less stress.

This is YOUR chance to:

⏰ Get customers to stop asking for discounts and actually pay, full price, on time.

💁‍♀️ Feel confident and competent in managing your business's finances.

💰 Make more profit on everything you bake so you don't have to bake those exhausting last-minute orders to make ends meet.


😊 Breathe a sigh of relief because you can easily track your finances in just 15 minutes a week!



Butter & Bliss Bakery, South Africa

"I knew that pricing could make or break my business..."

"I had no idea how to price my goods or track my finances. It felt super overwhelming! And furthermore, I just threw all my receipts in a box… I knew that pricing could make or break my business and I needed help. I loved all of CPPK!! I was way too emotional about pricing before. I no longer worry bout pricing or whether I am making a profit or not."

Got a question about CPPK that wasn't answered here?

Thanks! I (or someone from my team) will get back to you as soon as possible :)


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